Kaudulla National Park – Safaris in Sri Lanka

Kaudulla National Park has been a home for the majestic congregation of elephant herds since 3rd century B.C. The best time to visit Kaudulla National Park is between July and September as the largest recurring gathering of wild elephants is witnessed.

It is amazing to see that over 300 elephants gather on the bank of the lake in Kaudulla National Park. But still throughout the year you will have an amazing experience of wildlife in the Park. The view of majestic congregation of wild elephant has been listed among the Top Ten wildlife spectacles in the world by Lonely Planet.

Not only elephants abut also more than 150 species of birds such as Lesser Adjutant and Spot-billed Pelicans visit the Kaudull Park annually. Asian Spoonbill, Openbill Stork, Painted Stoke, Black-headed Ibis and Grey-headed Fish Eagles are common sceneries during the safari. Center of attraction of the Kaudulla safari is the breathtaking and amazing view of hundreds of pelican settling at sunset engulfing the horizon with their elegance.

Further, you will enjoy witnessing other residents of the Park such as Sloth bear, Sri Lankan Axis deer, Leopard, Sambar deer, the Grey Slender Loris, the Purple-Faced Langur and other mammals. You will be able enjoy bird watching while you ride in paddle-boat on the lake such as Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, and the Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill which are the endemic species amongst the other birds.

One of the common view you will enjoy while riding the boat is that Saltwater crocodiles and reptiles such as the monitor lizard lying on the river bank. That itself has complements the diversity of the Kaudulla Park ecosystem.